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What Do You Stand For?

Posted by Dale Penny on August 29,2017

Recent tragic events in Charlottesville, Barcelona and Turku once again remind us that our world today is more divided, more polarized and less civil than at any time since the 1960’s. Increasingly, many of us seem to define ourselves by what we are against and whom we disagree with. We tend to associate with those who are like “us” and who share our disdain for those “others.” We agree that “they” are not just wrong about ideas or issues…they are the enemy deserving of being personally demeaned and insulted.

In its ultimate form this kind of bigoted and dehumanizing thinking has led some to justify the worst kind of violence, whether that was among the factions in Syria, at a market in Paris, the airport in Brussels, a nightclub in Orlando, a church in Charleston, a baseball field in Washington or these most recent events.

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