How To Build An International Social Network

Posted by Up with People on February 15,2018

Globalization is here to stay and the key to a successful and fulfilling career (and life) is a diverse international network. But how does one begin to lay the foundation for such a network? One of the quickest and most effective ways is to spend a gap year or study abroad semester overseas. In fact international networking is often times one of the most valuable and measurable outcomes of time spent traveling. Years later you might not remember the content of the program's education curriculum but you will certainly remember and maintain contact with the people you connected with while abroad.

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How To Respectfully Disagree

Posted by Up with People on February 08,2018

Can we agree to disagree in today's political and social climate? Is this even possible as we dig into our ideologies and points of view? At Up with People we certainly think it is possible to respectfully disagree with others that share different points of view. This month Up with People is proud to announce that we are partnering with the National Institute for Civil Discourse to offer a “Revive Civility” class for secondary and university students. Led by Up with People cast members, students will spend these classes in small group discussions, listening across differences for understanding. The class teaches active listening skills and the chance to practice having a conversation with someone you disagree with in a respectful and civil manner. Thankfully, there are 'best practices' we can all follow for a more civil conversation. Let’s explore these valuable tools below...

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How To Run A Successful Online Fundraiser

Posted by Up with People on February 01,2018

Since 1965 over 22,000 young people have circled the globe with Up with People. As a non-profit and as a program that helps hundreds of our participants fundraise each year we understand a thing or two about fundraising. Whether you are raising funds for a good cause or to travel the world, crowdfunding online can be both necessary and challenging. Crowdfunding is defined as, "the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet." Where does one begin? In this post we explore the many options available online to help you choose the best approach for your fundraising goals.

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When Up with People Dominated Super Bowl Halftime

Posted by Up with People on January 25,2018

With the big game fast approaching Up with People takes a look back at our role in the Super Bowl Halftime show. Our organization comes up a lot in conversation this time of year in countless lists both online and on American television. Including our pregame performance at the 1991 game, Up with People has played five Super Bowls, more than all but five NFL teams! Although we may no longer perform on this stage, we continue to tour the world with a new show and a message that is now more relevant than ever.

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How Do We Keep Hope Alive?

Posted by Up with People on January 18,2018

How Do We Keep Hope Alive?
By Eric Lentz and Michael Bowerman, co-writers of the Up with People show

How do you measure hope? In a recent edition of Time magazine, guest editor Bill Gates assembled articles from a diverse collection of writers and public figures, including Trevor Noah, Malala Yousafzai, Ava Duvernay and Bono to answer that question. A central theme ran true to all of the articles – despite what we may read in our daily news feeds, there is more reason for optimism today than there has been in decades.

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Partnership with Purpose: Kiwanis International and Up with People

Posted by Up with People on October 23,2017

Making the world a better place through empowering youth to become future leaders is at the core of what both Kiwanis International and Up with People do. So it’s a no-brainer that our organizations would form a close partnership.  

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Up with People Memories: A Night with Andrea Bocelli

Posted by Up with People on October 02,2017

Up with People has been entertaining audiences around the world for more than 50 years, yet a recent performance with Andrea Bocelli will go down as one of the more memorable evenings in our history. Bocelli’s wife personally invited Up with People to perform at “Teatro del Silenzio,” his annual charity music festival at an outdoor amphitheater near his hometown in Italy.

It was such a great display of what makes Up with People so special. A select cast of alumni gathered for a week of rehearsal in the US, jumped on a plane to Italy to perform in front of 15,000 people in 104-degree heat — and loved every minute of it. Performing with the Maestro in support of his world charity made it even more amazing!

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What Do You Stand For?

Posted by Dale Penny on August 29,2017

Recent tragic events in Charlottesville, Barcelona and Turku once again remind us that our world today is more divided, more polarized and less civil than at any time since the 1960’s. Increasingly, many of us seem to define ourselves by what we are against and whom we disagree with. We tend to associate with those who are like “us” and who share our disdain for those “others.” We agree that “they” are not just wrong about ideas or issues…they are the enemy deserving of being personally demeaned and insulted.

In its ultimate form this kind of bigoted and dehumanizing thinking has led some to justify the worst kind of violence, whether that was among the factions in Syria, at a market in Paris, the airport in Brussels, a nightclub in Orlando, a church in Charleston, a baseball field in Washington or these most recent events.

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